Gabe (malakhgabriel) wrote in benmoody,

Now for a taste of things to come

Though the street date for Ben's album is March 3, 2009, we've been able to get a taste of what's coming in the Mutiny Bootleg EP. It's a four track sample of Ben's songs, with one track, a rerecording of "Everything Burns" with Hana Pestle, that will only be available here.

For me the real standout track is "The Way We Are." The honesty and vulnerability in Ben's lyrics along with his vocal delivery are somehow both heartbreaking and healing.

At his best moments Ben reminds me of both singer-songwriter Justin McRoberts and Neurosis vocalist/guitarist Steve Von Till's dark folk solo work.

I encourage you to give a listen or 12 to this preview of things to come.

Mutiny Bootleg EP by Ben Moody
1) Never Turn Back
2) Everything Burns (2008 feat. Hana Pestle)
3) The Way We Are
4) Wishing Well

This release is being shared with permission of the artist. In fact, he asks that you help spread it around as well!
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