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[sound asleep]

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[ sound asleep ]
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we don't care if you post something completely off-topic. not everything has to be just about ben. but if you post a picture of your ass or like, a close-up of a pie, we will delete it. there has to be some kind of content to each post, even if you're just telling us you got a new cat. this does not, however, mean that you can crosspost every entry from your personal journal into this community. capisce?

this is not an evanescence community. if you post asking questions about ev tour dates or what amy's middle name is, we will delete it.

you must spellcheck every post. if you horribly mispell something, we will either fix it ourselves or, if we are feeling bitchy, we will edit it to make you look like a fucktard.

harsh language is acceptable.

do not talk about seether, creed, or any other bands/people that have had drama with ben.

ok, that's it for now. thanks.


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